Neighborhood Design

The first two phases of The Verandas consists of 77 single family residential lots bound on the west side by 41 acres of natural wetlands that will remain natural and in the care of The Verandas Property Owner’s Association. These lots have large live oaks, neighborhood pool, several stocked fishing ponds, landscaped common areas, fruit tree orchard, raised garden beds and private home-sites.

Rules, Regulations and Architectural Guidelines

There are strict architectural guidelines and covenants for the neighborhood that are intended to serve as a reference for home design in The Verandas. In order for the neighborhood to reach its full potential, the enthusiastic participation of individual homeowners is essential.

Other Documents

This section includes info such as recorded plats, covenants, POA budgets, and other neighborhood documents.

Fairhope Single Tax Corporation

The Verandas is part of the Fairhope Single Tax Coporation: A Single Tax Colony.  When someone purchases a home on Colony land (land owned by the Fairhope Single Tax Corporation), that person acquires ownership of the improvements via a Bill of Sale and that person leases the land via a 99-year Lease, paying Rent to the Single Tax Corporation.  This is very common in Fairhope and more information can be found on their website at



Michelle Bigler